Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Supporting the strivers? Are you having a giraffe?

I have complained here before about bad language, but it has to be said that this government are the biggest load of hypocritical, lying, arrogant s***s ever to have held power in this country. Bar none - even Thatcher!

Today, Cameron said his party supports aspiration, the strivers. 

And yet this is the party that will turn out tens of thousands of young people with no qualifications and no hope when the E-Bacc replaces GCSEs. 
That took away the hope of thousands of children who worked hard to achieve their GCSE Grade C and then saw it stolen from them.

This is the government that sacked thousands of hard-working disabled people when they closed Remploy.

This is the shower that will cap housing benefit for thousands of hard-working families on low pay so that they will be forced to move away from family, friends and schools.

This is the coalition - yes, Lib Dems, you're just as bad - that wants you to be able to 'sell' your employment rights for the promise of some potentially worthless shares, wants your employer to be able to sack you for no reason at all in the first 2 years of your employment.

Is this how aspiration and striving are to be rewarded? Those earning £1m a year have aspirations - to pay less tax, and that of course has been rewarded by a £40k a year tax cut - that's about 50% MORE than the average national wage.

All in it together? The only thing this government is in is an elite of the wealthy and powerful, who remain untouched by the vicious and vindictive attacks on the rest of the country.

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